532 Words on: What’s all this about?

“Some people are lost with this. They don’t know what to make of this. And that’s good…  You can’t give people everything they want all the time or like anything else people get sick of being pleased. They would rather be challenged.” – Neil Young, ‘The Swedish Interview’

There are two kinds of people I run into on the sidelines at the moment. One kind greets me with a warm and genuine “hey, I’m really enjoying 5-3-2!” The other kind fix me with a quizzical look and say something that loosely translates from Awkward into English as ‘WHAT ARE YOU ON???’

Artists (yeah, I’m calling myself an artist now, helloooo delusions of grandeur nice to make your acquaintance) avoid explaining their work because as Michelangelo famously said – “explaining is losing dude!” (Admittedly it may have been Michelangelo the turtle…) And also, it’s more fun if I don’t have to spoon feed you.

But seeing as though some of you appear to be hopelessly incompetent at the basic fundamental task of reading my mind, and you’re weirding me out which tends to be a little bit offputting, I thought I’d throw you a few pointers.

“That guy who just keeps singin’, can’t somebody shut him up? I don’t know for the life of me where he comes up with this stuff!” – Grandpa’s Interview (Neil Young, Greendale)

5-3-2 is a blog loosely conceived around a Neil Young album by the name of Greendale, and an obscure but fascinating interview the great artist gave with Swedish television a few years ago. The interview tells the story of every album Young had made up to that point and is chock full of profound wisdom.

Greendale is a brilliant concept album (whatever the clueless critics and not quite fans think) about a made up town in America. Each song both tells the stories of the residents of the town and weaves in broader narratives around environmentalism, progress, politics, morality, culture, human nature, the media, and lots more, some of which I’m yet to discover. After hundreds of listens I’m still picking up new things. And that’s what I would love you to do with 5-3-2.

Some photo posts here are right up there with my favourite things I’ve ever published. To give you an example, the Waiheke v Bucklands Beach one is at the top of the list – packed with symbolism, it tells the story of the game as well as La Banda’s battle for the soul of their club, and more, on multiple levels.

If you look hard enough, every post takes you on a journey beyond what you see on the surface and every path you explore through multiple posts is latticed with trails that meander through life, humanity and whatever else I feel like chucking at you. How? I’m not telling. Work it out yourself!

“But I pleased myself with this one. Because it tells a story, and there’s images in it that tell a bigger story, a broader story. And it captures a moment in time for me. But this I did for myself. I did it because I wanted to do this. And so I really like this.” – Neil Young, ‘The Swedish Interview’